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| Sunday, June 26, 2011
By Will Dunham...!!!
Keeping a food diary -- a detailed account of what you eat and drink and the calories it packs -- is a powerful tool in helping people lose weight...

The study involving 1,685 middle-aged men and women over six months found those who kept such a diary just about every day lost about twice as much weight as those who did not.

The findings buttressed earlier research that endorsed the value of food diaries in helping people lose weight. Companies including Weight Watchers International Inc use food diaries in their weight-loss programs.

For those who are working on weight loss, just writing down everything you eat is a pretty powerful technique
The technique also helps hold dieters accountable for what they are eating....!!!

Keeping to a reduced weight

Many people who lose weight soon put it back on again when they stop their weight reducing diet. The main reason this happens is because the weight reducing diet was only a temporary cut back of an unhealthy diet. Once you have lost some weight, to keep the weight off you need to stick to a healthy diet. An active lifestyle with more physical activity would also help. Even better is for the whole family or household to have changed to healthy eating habits and a healthy lifestyle.

To keep your weight down you will still need to eat less and/or do more physical actvity than previously. For example, if you have lost 10kg, to keep this off and maintain your weight you will still need to:

eat about 300 calories per day less than you did prior to the weight loss diet, or
do more physical activity to 'burn up' an extra 300 calories per day, or
a combination of the two.
Top tip - after losing some weight, weigh yourself once a week to keep a check on your weight

Control of Eating Habit



1. Before beginning to eat, discuss your diet with your companions. Bring up, among other things, what you are doing to limit the amount of food to be consumed.

2. When eating by yourself, get out the amount you plan to eat and put it in your plate, and then put away the containers you got your food from.

3. Don't leave out snacks or leave them in handy places. Some people even put a lock on their refrigerator, to make not so easy to open it.

4 Avoid large meals.[iii] If going to a restaurant, chose one with small portions and cheap food.

5. Putt off the first meal as long as possible. Wait till you are good and hungry.

6 Put off each subsequent meal until you are good and hungry.

7 Don't eat a couple of hours before going to bed.

8 Eat only enough to take away your hunger.

9 Eat slowly, this will give a chance for what you have eaten to take away your hunger.

10. Eat small snacks between meals to help reduce the number of meals. Moreover, by snack you wont need to load up at the dinner table to prevent between meal hungers. .

11. Control the portions of your snacks. If necessary, have pre-measured portions in baggies.

12. Eat less than your normal portion.

13. Learn to eat slowly (obese people typically eat faster).

14. Choose filling, low-fat, low sugar, high protein meals and snacks. Avoid foods that improve your appetite and things that are not filling such as fruits and chocolates.

1. Set up a log and in this log track when you got up, when you ate, how much and what you ate, how fast you ate, and what things you should have done, such as cooked a smaller portion.

2. Track special circumstances, such as with company, during break at work, etc.

3. Record any causal observations.

4. Purchase a copy of the USDA handbook on foods, Composition of Foods, from the Government Printing Office. Read it and type out a table of the foods you commonly eat, their percentage water, carbohydrate, protein, and fat grams.

5. Purchase and read a university nutrition book.

6. Take notes on these books.

1. From your log you will learn what occurred prior to you over eating. Avoid those situations.
2. Avoid social situations conducive to over indulgence, such a spot lucks, dining out, and drinking parties.

3. Avoid friends who have eating problems, they will reinforce behavior inconsistent with weight loss.

4. The more ritualized your meals; the easier it is to control your consumption. Thus by eating at the same time and same location, it is easier to establish a pattern of good choice of foods and amount of foods, and repeat that pattern.

5. Try not to make the meal something looked forward to. Limit its social setting; choose bland foods, find other activities that you prefer, so that eating is taking you away from those enjoyed activities. In other words, try to turn eating into an activity like refueling the car, a necessity, rather than a pleasure.

6. Avoid cooking for others (and thus the social reinforcement), rather do the dishes and clean up.

7. Tell your beloved that he/she is not to make preparing a meal an expression of love, rather to keep it simple, nutritional, and low in fats and sugars.


1. Avoid foods which you are likely to eat too much of.

2. Drink water or diet soda. Many people consume over a 1,000 calories per day in fluids.

3. Avoid foods with more than 10% fat content. Fats contribute 3 times as many calories per gram as carbohydrates.

4. Avoid foods that arent filling such as fruits and sherbet, and other foods that increase your appetite or reduce the amount of time after a meal that it will take before you are again hungry.

5. Dont use calories as a guide,[iv] rather the percentage of fat and of simple carbohydrates. Cellulose calories are not an accurate measurement of the energy derived from foods.

6. Eat foods that are high in protein or cellulose.

1. Increase your metabolism by engaging in more physical activities: walk more, climb stairs, mow the lawn, and such. Take up active sports such as running, cycling, tennis, roller-skating, and swimming.

2. Increase your muscle tone, and thus increase your metabolism. Join a gym and take up weight training. Do isometrics and isotonics (tightening your muscles) frequently throughout the day.

3. Get your family and friends involved with you in sports and weight training. Set a schedule for sports and weight training.


1. Avoid drugs that make you relax or make you make you doppie. You need all your energy so that you can exercise, so you can work harder, and so you will have the sharpness of mind and drive to stick to your diet. .

2. Avoid alcohol; it contains empty calories and will reduce your activity level.

3. If you must take a recreational drug, choose amphetamines or LSD; both suppress your appetite and increase your activity level.

4. Take a diet drug at the beginning, it will surpass your appetite and will increase your motivation to lose weight. The best routine would be to take 5 or if necessary 10 mgs of amphetamine (a small dose) in the morning, for it will reduce your appetite and increase your drive.[v] Do this for about 2 weeks, so as to establish good diet habits. After that discontinue for you will grow tolerant of the drug. Thus if some months later you find that you are going off your diet, start again with 10 mgs, but continue only for a week.

My Surprise Birthday Party

| Saturday, June 4, 2011
Saya tahu birthday saya dah lepas.. tapi saya nak share birthday saya pada bulan Mei lepas iaitu 5 Mei 2011.. Masa tu saya belum pakai tudung lagi.. Umur saya telah menjangkau 30tahun...Alamak!dah 30 thn sdh la pulak..

Sebenarnya saya tdk la menyambut pada 5 Mei sbb masa tu saya dan bob tdk berasa sihat. Jadi, dia telah merancang utk membawa Candle Light Dinner di Peppino, Shangri-la Tanjung Aru Beach Resort pada keesokkan harinya iaitu pd 6 Mei 2011. First tym la juga sy makan di sana sebab sebelum ni selalunya makan di TATU, STAR saja.. I really appreciated :) Thanks for the treat Bob :)

Selesai makan, kami pun pergilah ke Amp-Square, Suria Sabah sbb viv ajak untuk sesi karaoke bersama adiknya dan hubby dia.. Saya tdklah sangka rupa2nya sesi karaoke tu merupakan Surprise Birthday Party utk saya. Kawan-kawan saya spt ,Ika & hubby, Ita dan Fit pun ada.. Masyallah. Terkejut jugala.. Bila masuk ja terus ada benda2 meletup..Tgk muka satu persatu.. Ya allah! Kwn2 yg close dgn sy ada disini rupa2nya. Patutla viv tanya apa plan sy masa birthday nanti dan bob hampir terkantoi bila bob tanya dgn saya, kenapa saya tidak pakai baju warna PINK.. Rupa2nya tema pada party tu PINK COLOUR pulak termasuk kek dan Ballon pun berwarna pink.. Saya hampir saja nak menangis sebab saya tersangat terharu. Apa2 pun malam tu saya sungguh happy betul bukan sahaja effort yg diberikan oleh Viv,Roxy, Ita, Ika , Fits, Danny, Helmi dan Bob tetapi juga wishes from Friends dr Facebook ,BBM, SMS dan Phone Call membuat sy sgt2 terharu.. Terasa diri ni masih 25thn..hehe :p


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